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Beauty Tips


Healthy hair

Don't use products that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Ammonium Laureth Sulfate. This is especially important if you have curly hair. Look closely at the labels of shampoos and conditioners before you purchase and use them.

Your mother told you to eat your fruits and vegetables, and we all now know that we are what we eat. The added benefit with eating a variety of fruits and veggies is the healthy nutrients that will add shine and boost volume naturally for your hair. Hydration, especially during our dry and cold months, can really take a toll on your hair, drink lots of liquids. Don’t skip protein, your hair is made of the stuff. Protein will help build strength for your hair, improving color and shine.


Color treatment

It's all in the preparation. Here are some simple tips of what you can do to help your stylist give you great color. Great hair color works best with healthy hair. To keep you hair color vibrant always treat your hair gently, use sulfate free products and shampoos, and use a hair treatment once a month.

You can use a hot oil hair treatment at least 3 days before coming to the salon, which will help condition and prepare your hair to fully accept your hair color.

Do not shampoo your hair the day of or night before coloring your hair. You do not want to shampoo away any of your natural oils that you have worked so hard to preserve.  The best time to shampoo would be right after your hot oil treatment. Following these tips will help you and your stylist achieve a more even and satisfying result.


Daily Hair care

When washing your hair, leave some of the conditioner in your hair, do not wash it all out. When rinsing, wash the conditioner out without overly touching your hair leaving some product still in, then switch to the cold water setting and stop rinsing.


You can also use leave-in conditioners. Just spray it in your hair after you've shampooed and showered, and leave it in until the next time you shower.


Most leave-in types of conditioners can help you style your hair and can provide additional hydration. Try not to over do it, which can leave you hair weighed-down and greasy after application.


The best product for dry or damaged hair. This is a fantastic solution to get your hair back in shape. Mention this video for a free complimentary JOICO LUSTER LOCK treatment with any service.  Watch this short clip. We will change them periodically.

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